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Thank you, extension family, for your patience and continual support through the maintenance of our old/ current website format.

We know that you value the very rare and highly advanced kung-fu material and specialized training offered only by Sifu Allen and Green Dragon! We also know that you check back to see what updates there may be in articles, announcements, and video instruction - and we understand your disappointment as the page has remained the same for some time!

Your Green Dragon team has been working to revamp the website format and the offerings, and we plan to launch in late spring. In addition to a whole new look, there WILL be much available to members! We will be sure to send an announcement to members when the new site is up - feel free to check back here for updates on our progress.



New Website
coming soon!

New Features will include:

Training Tips from Sifu

Video Instruction:
drills & combat techniques

New releases via download

New articles from Sifu Allen

Selections from Sifu's audio files

A section entirely devoted to YOUR
training questions!
(Please send them along to

And much more!

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