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Section III: Beginner's Level Empty Hand Forms
Beginning Level Students

These nine fighting and exercise sets are from S. Shaolin, 5-Family, Choy Li Fut, Hung, and N. 5-Animal styles. They are perfect for students just starting their Kung-Fu training. The stress is on the fundamentals of stance work, internal and external strength, proper maneuvering, and many basic types of punching, blocking, kicking, and striking. Many of them would be considered intermediate to advanced level in many other schools, and their combinations provide effective sequences of techniques for a wide range of self defense applications or free sparring. **For those who are instructors or for anyone planning to open their own school, these would be outstanding sets to present to beginners' classes. They would be challenging to anyone other than experienced practitioners. Taken all together, they provide a solid foundation on which to build any type of advanced training program. (See also Section II for more material suitable for beginners).

I Nan Kuen (One South Fist )
Choy Li Fut

A physical strength and body hardening form from Choy Li Fut. The set is designed to work the hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders primarily. It concentrates on hardening the bottom (soft area) of the forearms for use in all hook blocking movements, as well as for grip strength for grabbing and any technique involving Crane hand applications. The bottom of the forearms become like concrete in several months of hard work and can then be used as effectively as the ''bridge'' part of the forearm. Simple in structure, but very result producing in a short time! Excellent foundation for the 2-man contact drills listed in Section I.

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No Lick Kuen/ Sup Gee Kuen

The No Lick Kuen is a physical strength and body power development set emphasizing the right arm (can easily be reversed for left-handed students). Produces a positive effect on general health due to the diaphragmatic breathing. Promotes exceptional (muscular) size and strength gains within six months! Develops devastating power in the right punch while making the whole body hard as a rock.One of many Chinese forms so named due to the ''cross'' (+) ground pattern. This is a very simple form, easy to learn, and repeats (after a unique Tiger salute) the same 5-movement sequence over and over while turning 360 degrees in 90 degree increments. Excellent for stamina building and stance/arm coordination. When done in conjunction with the No Lick Kuen strength set it gives the beginner both great power and endurance.

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Teet Sao (T'ieh Shou )

Iron Hand. A combined internal/external form with the first one half devoted to a moving meditation combined with proper breathing and designed to move ch'i out into the palms of the hands. Excellent form for the beginner's openhanded work. Has many aspects of health, strength, and proper movement built into its structure.

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Gok Fee Kuen
Southern 5-Animal Shaolin

Very solid beginner's level form introduced early in the training to stress the use of angles and directional change. Lends itself very well to many excellent combat applications. Very definite intermediate level form in many other schools, as are Hok Kuen, Fa Kuen and Sea Mau Hok (Short Form).

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Hok Kuen (Hsiao Hao Ch'uan)
Southern 5-Animal Crane

Small Crane Fist. Southern 5-Animal White Crane short set believed derived from the legendary Wu Mei. Outstanding form in every respect. Typical one and two-handed Crane techniques, both long and short range; grasping; compound circular blocking; open hand and fist work; high crescents and rooster hops. Another set that leads to excellent fighting applications. Great foundation for moving up to advanced Crane material. Highly recommended for beginners.

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Fa Kuen (Hua Ch'uan )
Southern 5-Animal Shaolin

Flower Fist. Fast paced form from Southern 5-Animal Shaolin emphasizing both finesse in movement and power--essentially due to being Tiger/Crane in influence. Reportedly used for initial promotions at the beginner's level in the Orient years ago and contains the Southern Shaolin salute in two directions to the ''galleries'' accordingly. Good variety of combat applications, both long and short range. Centerline emphasized for Tiger circularity for Crane.

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Sea Mau Hok Short Form
Southern 5-Animal Shaolin

Short form from Southern 5-Animal Shaolin. Great for developing speed in execution. Nice foundation for the highly advanced version.

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Three Short Forms
Southern 5-Animal Shaolin

Hsin Ch'uan - Say Fong Kuen - Hsiao Siu Fu Yin. Three different short forms from three different styles on one tape! While quite short (10-15 steps each), these three sets are valued by Northern & Southern 5-Animal and Choy Li Fut as excellent drills to develop certain capabilities in beginners. They are excellent for instructors to introduce as preliminary forms following upon the teaching of blocking, punching, and kicking basics.

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Two Short Forms

Lung Ch'uan - Bok Pai Ch'uan Two different short forms from two different styles on one tape! Somewhat longer and more complex than Three Short Forms, these two from Dragon and Long Fist will be more developmentally challenging in a variety of ways to any beginner's class. Both sets are represented in Green Dragon's usual manner-- i.e., in several views, both fast and slow, in segments, and with a program of fighting applications.

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